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2 diff style logos

500 business cards

250 loyalty/thank you cards

20 flyers

20 social media templates

20 blank editable templates

5 website banners 


10 logo shirts 

table cloth

Instagram highlights 

Social media revamp

100 sticky lables

 Retractable banner (for events)


Thank you so much for booking with Choc Lux The Brand. Below is our booking policy when it comes to our branding services:

There MUST be a non-refundable retainer (deposit) paid before any big project begins. These projects consist of web designs, packages, and any special branding services over $150. We do not accept deposits for smaller projects. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. HOWEVER, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy. If we cannot come into a design agreement you are allowed to place your money towards another service of the same price.

We offer 2 free revisions on any service except for FREESTYLES. Once final copies are sent out no other changes are allowed. If any items shipped are not up to your standards you have 3 days from your received date to request a change.  Please carefully review all designs before confirming. Once confirmed it is out of our hands.

The turnaround time for each service is listed down below:

Logos: 7-10 business days (this can change)

Flyers & Cards: 3-5 business days 

Web Designs: 3-6weeks (this can change)

At this time we ask that you let our designer, Choc, focus on your project so she is able to complete it in a timely manner. If she has any questions concerning your project she will reach out to you via email, or phone. If you have any additional questions about your project please email:

or text (314) 267-9933


More questions about our booking process? Click here to view our FAQ.

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